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Fits Sock Co

FITS are engineered to work with tactical boots and shoes, perfectly molding to the shape of your foot and leg. We call it the FITS, Full Contact Fit. It means the anatomy of your sock matches the anatomy of your foot-giving you the perfect fit in all dynamic situations.

Made in the USA with Merino wool, FITS regulate the temperature inside your boot to keep your feet comfortable in all weather conditions. Merino wool wicks away moisture to keep feet dry; comfortable; and naturally resists odor-causing bacteria.

True Americana....FITS combines a century's worth of experience with materials, technology and quality controls that far exceed industry standards. The result: a product line that embodies the crucial connection between fit and performance. Combine FITS Full Contact Fit with our super-fine Merino wool yarns and you have the perfect sock. The best performance from the best sock made in the USA.

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