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Ring's Manufacturing originated from our parent company Ring's Studio Gun Rental Inc., which was established in 1989. Providing weapon related props and accompaniments to the Motion Picture and Television Industries. In the mid-90's Ring's purchased a molding facility from the Los Angeles area and moved it to the East Coast.

Refining the craft, Ring's has provided urethane foam stunt props to those same industries. In the late 90's Ring's began receiving inquiries from the Law Enforcement communities to manufacture a quality training aid. After considerable research Ring's has crafted the most detailed and durable training weapon available in today's market. Ring's training weapons, known as "Firearm Simulators" or an adopted name of "BLUEGUNS ", are so exact in size and dimension that many holster, grip & laser manufacturers use them to display their own products. Ring's believes that in order to get proper safe tactical training you need to use a training aid that has the look and feel of your personal weapon.

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